About us

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, ExtendMyCloset, Inc. is a unique community of fashion lovers who lend and rent stylish clothing and fashion accessories with each other. As one of the newest and most innovative online fashion platforms, we have made it our mission to enable our members to look their best in the latest fashion without spending a fortune.

The entire platform is meant to be a win/win transaction for both, the borrower as well as the lender. A borrower would be able to effectively save a lot of money by going in for borrowing instead of out rightly buying a new garment or accessory, and the lender will be able to make some money from the clothes that were otherwise sitting idle in the closet.

Every woman wants to continuously keep experimenting with her looks and trying on new styles, and Extend My Closet provides them with the perfect opportunity. It encourages women to buy fewer, but better things and cultivates the spirit of collaboration, even in an industry like the Fashion Industry. 


How it Works

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Contact us at support@extendmycloset.com